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UBC Urban Home Shopping Vendor Information

The following FAQ sheet is to introduce you to the first Multi-Cultural Shopping Network that will sell products both online and via our television network. The Urban Shopping Network was specifically created for you the proprietor who sells products to our targeted multi-cultural consumer who lives the "Urban Lifestyle." It is our intention to provide a short order platform that will enable you (the inventor, proprietor, sales representative) to broaden your market by affording you a wider audience for potential sales. It is projected that the multi-cultural market will increase by 200% within the next 5 years. UBC-TV intends to be a proactive component of that growth by initiating the first Urban Shopping Network for the multi-cultural urban consumer that will distribute and broadcast on a global platform.

Is my company’s product right for Urban Home Shopping Network?
Products that are highly demonstrable, solve problems, make life easier, appeal to a broad audience and have unique features and benefits are of interest to Urban Home Shopping. The following is a list of product categories that Urban Home Shopping is pursuing: (this is just a suggested list)
• Apparel and Accessories-Women
• Art
• Bake ware and Cookware
• Beauty
• Bed and Bath
• Books- Hard cover and Digital Downloads
• Clothing-Men and Women
• Consumer Electronics
• Cookbooks
• Ethnic products and apparel
• Food
• Handbags and Luggage
• Health and Fitness
• Home Décor
• Home Improvement
• Home Textiles
• Household Cleaners
• Jewelry
• Kitchen Gadgets
• Kitchen Electrics
• Music-Digital Downloads
• Patio and Garden
• Personal Care
• Pet Products
• Storage Solutions
• Toys
• Travel

Urban Home Shopping does not sell the following category of products:
• Feminine/Personal Hygiene
• Firearms
• Fuel Additives
• Gambling–related Products
• Genuine Furs
• Sexual Aids
• Tobacco–related Products

Does my item have to be manufactured?
Yes, the item you submit for product evaluation should be a manufactured item.

Will Urban Home Shopping help me manufacture my product or idea?
As a general practice, Urban Home Shopping does not assist inventors and entrepreneurs with manufacturing. If you are starting a business or need business advice, please view get professional advice, research or go to UBCsmallbusinessnetwork.com. Urban Home Shopping will consider assisting with product development in the future.

Is there a fee?
Once accepted; there is a non-refundable processing that ranges from $150 to $500 depending upon the size of your business and your business category. The cost will vary for larger companies and could be more based upon review. All of which is explained when you receive your acceptance once your product passes the initial review process.

Is there a minimum quantity of product that Urban Home Shopping will need to have from vendor?
For products selected to be sold with Urban Home Shopping online, a minimum amount of 300 units for online and minimum of 500 units and up for the television show. Each vendor will start out with the online store first and if product fits for television it will move into the television broadcast level. All units must be received at Urban Home Shopping’s warehouse before it can be available to sell and must be there within 48 to 72 hours of signing of vendor agreement. Urban Home Shopping will have ‘Limited Runs’ designed especially for small companies and entrepreneurs who have only small quantities of their product.
May I speak with a Vendor Relations Person to discuss my product?
Due to the volume of product submissions, we require everyone to follow Urban Home Shopping’s product submittal process as a first step and complete the initial Product Review Submission form. Once form is reviewed and accepted; you will then proceed to the next step of the process which is the vendor submission form.

Does Urban Home Shopping sell cause-related merchandise?
At times, Urban Home Shopping sells cause-related merchandise where a donation is made to a specific charity. As with any product Urban Home Shopping sells, the cause-related product must have general appeal and salability. If Urban Home Shopping is interested, the product will be evaluated using Urban Home Shopping’s normal evaluation procedures and then scrutinized against Urban Home Shopping’s guidelines on cause-related marketing.


Application Process

I have more than one item. Should I submit an application for each?
Only one application per company is necessary but there will be a processing fee for each additional item offered unless item comes in assortment of colors. We encourage you to edit your selection to a small number of products that you feel will be of most interest to Urban Home Shopping. Urban Home Shopping has total discretion on what products it will showcase first. We also encourage you, if applicable, to provide a link to your website so we can view your entire product assortment.

How can I have my product reviewed by Urban Home Shopping and how long will the review process take?
The first step in the product evaluation process is to complete the Urban Home Shopping Product Review Information Form. The link is at the bottom of the page. Within approximately 2 to 4 weeks from the time your form is received Urban Home Shopping will inform you on the status of your submission.

Should I mail Urban Home Shopping a product sample?
Urban Home Shopping will require a proof of product or samples after your Vendor Submission Application is submitted. Once Urban Home Shopping has approved your Product Review application it will issue a Vendor Submission Application. That is when you the supplier will need to send in sample(s) of your product for review. When Urban Home Shopping requests a sample, please enclose a copy of your Vendor submission form. Do not send any materials that cannot be replaced, such as an original prototype or mold. Urban Home Shopping accepts no responsibility or liability for the safe arrival, handling of any submitted materials. Urban Home Shopping does not return product samples. Once proof of product has been submitted and product reviewed; a notice of acceptance or non- acceptance will be sent to you.

How do I know if my application was successfully submitted?
You will receive a confirmation email once it has been received.
What factors should I keep in mind when calculating my cost to Urban Home Shopping?
As the vendor, you should offer the wholesale cost with a reasonable profit margin. Remember the product will have to be affordable to the consumer. Calculating marketing, promotion and distribution costs that will be added to your wholesale price before it gets to the consumer will help you make a credible offer/base price for your product. The more sold the more profit.

May I have access to Urban Home Shopping’s shipping & product requirements?
Once Urban Home Shopping has made the decision to move forward with your product, we will provide you with our Quality Assurance and shipping and packaging protocol. We do not release this information until it is determined that Urban Home Shopping is interested in your product.

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